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Hentai: Mihitsu no Koi

Yuinokka, a beautiful girl with a best friend named Riska, who she admires every day. However, Riska’s boyfriend, who she believes is not good at men, has an older girlfriend. Yuinokka is an enemy of Riska’s boyfriend, saying that she was originally not good at men and that she deceived her best friend. Yuinokka is directing even more hatred towards Riska’s boyfriend, who is obsessed with it, without hiding it. The older boyfriend is the ideal boyfriend who easily ignores Yuinokka’s eighth criticism and takes care of Riska… The relationship between these two beautiful girls and a man begins to change into something obscene… Yuinokka witnesses Riska’s sloppy appearance that she only shows in front of her boyfriend. Witnessing a woman’s sloppiness that is far from the usual Riska, anger and impatience run through the womb. Yuinokka couldn’t get the shocking scene out of her head… In front of her… Riska’s boyfriend’s hand was hanging from her side, tired from playing…

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