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Hentai: Ikumonogakari The Animation

The demographic crisis overtook Japan and the government was forced to pass the law “Ikumonogakari”, which legalized promiscuous sexual relations of the population. They began to conduct educational and practical activities on the lessons of sexual life and sexual satisfaction of a partner. The protagonists of hentai are young and inexperienced, so practical exercises help them improve their skills.

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  • Oh my god Peak is finally back. Thank you Japan

  • Mandango 9 months ago

    This shit right here nigga is peak.

  • Incorrect download

  • Incorrect download

  • admin 9 months ago

    download fixed

  • Mandango 9 months ago

    You blew it!!! You had it all and you blew it!!! You even took an extra month just to drop this shit? I’m so let down. The first one was amazing. This one the teachers talking 99% of the time. Only good part in my opinion was the last scene w/o listening to the teacher, when they all start having an orgy. But again, it’s so short, not even worthwhile. Seriously. . Wtf happened?

  • Only the trash ppl of earth would so much as fathom this pedo raping BS. Japanese or well about 85% of their male population are gutter trash pedo raping, molesting scumbag degenerates. I get it they are an ugly race of incel perma-virgin like reject worker ants but to come up with the idea to force even lil kids to fuck just so some loser thats 50yrs old can finally get laid through manipulation or force (lets face it even if this shit was legal no women anywhere is going to choose to sleep with and of the incel/otaku losers of the world).

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    ^^^ KYS FAGGOT.

  • Nyanonymous 8 months ago

    It was worth the wait.
    The first episode was half 10/10 and 6/10.
    This one’s a straight 8/10 throughout.

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    Hey Admin, can we ban this C.H. guy, he’s obviously just a racist and all he does is bitch and complain about everything, and again, tired of seeing the long racist rants