You are watching Doukyo Suru Neneki Episode 2 English, you can watch more episodes of this hentai series here Doukyo Suru Neneki
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Hentai: Doukyo Suru Neneki

The protagonist of the hentai is Yuuji Fujiwara, a loser who couldn’t go to university and now works in convenience stores. He constantly makes mistakes – he will break a vase, then he will make a shortage. Therefore, they do not take him anywhere on a full-time basis. However, the hero cannot always be unlucky. Once, while walking home, he was attacked by a strange intelligent slime. Yuuji thought that these were the last seconds of his life, but the slime showed no hostility. He brought her home and has been living side by side with her for three months now. It soon turned out that the slime is a girl, and that she can take any form or even any appearance. It was then that Yuuji’s depraved fantasy broke out – every day he had sex with different girls – first with a milky mother from a neighboring apartment, then with a waitress who he liked very much, and then the slime turned into his work colleague Takamiya-san …

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  • addaz 1 month ago

    Pretty hot hentai, but i prefer to masturbate while playing Fappersplay porn game

  • Mr.obivlous 1 month ago

    So you telling me that yuji an infinite amount of waifus 10/10.

  • Anonymous 4 weeks ago

    da heck is in the ending, 0w0

  • thisisnot 3 weeks ago

    p good hentai all in all but a bit odd in parts…

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    This Hentai… Every episode is hot. And creepy.