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Hentai: Doukyo Suru Neneki

The protagonist of the hentai is Yuuji Fujiwara, a loser who couldn’t go to university and now works in convenience stores. He constantly makes mistakes – he will break a vase, then he will make a shortage. Therefore, they do not take him anywhere on a full-time basis. However, the hero cannot always be unlucky. Once, while walking home, he was attacked by a strange intelligent slime. Yuuji thought that these were the last seconds of his life, but the slime showed no hostility. He brought her home and has been living side by side with her for three months now. It soon turned out that the slime is a girl, and that she can take any form or even any appearance. It was then that Yuuji’s depraved fantasy broke out – every day he had sex with different girls – first with a milky mother from a neighboring apartment, then with a waitress who he liked very much, and then the slime turned into his work colleague Takamiya-san …

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  • I don’t like this! I only like getting my tiny butthole pounded out by every guy at the bathouse. Don’t tell my mommy though, she doesn’t like when I stay out late and come home soaking wet from bukakke. Tehe ima faggot

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago


  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    shut up C.H

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    C.H shut the hell up man.

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Sec with Ditto

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Where do I get one?

  • Perrel 3 weeks ago

    This may be just what I need to bus.

  • holy… i actually had read this years ago ive never expect this to be animate…

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    We need episode 2

  • Thebombshell 2 weeks ago

    That was hella hot and the plot TWIST was amazing!
    I knew it the slime girl consumes the girls body!
    Really we need more hentai like this not some NTR its tiring to see NTR hentai monthly so this is a big change 10/10.

  • Long dong silver 2 weeks ago

    ^^@THEBOMBSHELL Does that mean everytime the slime girl takes the form of another girl she starts to become them little by little? How would that even work though? Then the slime girl would be a bunch of real people all at once? This shits a trip

  • Yamikaze 2 weeks ago

    I remember reading this before lmao to think they actually animated it now hahaha

  • Daddy Long Legs 2 weeks ago

    can’t believe they actually animated this one now I remember reading this before as a doujinshi lol