You are watching Yari Agari Ijimerare Musume No Kamitega Kari Episode 2 English, you can watch more episodes of this hentai series here Yari Agari Ijimerare Musume No Kamitega Kari
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Hentai: Yari Agari Ijimerare Musume No Kamitega Kari

The plot revolves around a student named Ichika-chan. She used to be on good terms with her childhood friends Shinji and Serina, but in a strange incident, they were completely destroyed. A kind of militia faction, led by Serina, has matured at the academy, which called for torturing and mocking Ichika. The main character for a long time tried to improve relations with the rebel and took all the bullying as a punishment for past mistakes. However, the bullying continued and Ichika decided to look for a way to correct her unenviable position. However, soon the heroine receives video from a surveillance camera from an unknown pervert. It was installed in Serina’s room and tracked all her actions. It was some kind of salvation for Ichika and maybe now she can plan a plan of action or even revenge…
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