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Hentai: No Wife No Life!

The newlyweds had found a new house and went to greet their landlord, only to find that Murai, a former volleyball coach, had taken over the family business. Marin Momodate (maiden name) had bitter memories of Murai from her school days, and just as she was trying to avoid him as much as possible, she found him when she returned home after leaving the company on a long career break. Masashi, her husband, was put to sleep and the space was now just the two of them. The coach and she were sexfriends, and he rubs her tits as if it were a matter of course. Marin tries to refuse, but the past comes back to her, and she can’t forget Murai’s stubby, middle-aged body. Marin becomes addicted to each of his techniques, and her feelings gradually shift to becoming Murai’s female toilet.

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  • Chanprajput 1 month ago

    Hell yeahhh!!

  • poopoo 1 month ago

    why did it take so long lol

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Shame it’s not bunny walker 😭😭

  • Perrell Brown 1 month ago


  • Thebombshell 1 month ago

    …another microsoft presentation work LOL.good story wasted on a dirt animation

  • misterywyzard 1 month ago

    @thebombshell: literally what I came here to say. like where has the dedication to real animation gone to? there’s no love put into these gifs, if we wanted gif animations, we shouldn’t be here.