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Hentai: Mahou Touki Lilustear

Once upon a time in the magical world of fairy tale heroines, there lived a girl named Hinatari Rin. She is a bit shy and has an unusual sense of taste – she prefers food with more flavor than most girls her age. In spite of this, Rin is just like any other ordinary young lady. One day while returning home from school along a familiar path, Rin found herself caught in the midst of a nefarious organization that was spreading evil throughout the city. The situation quickly turned dire as Rin became their latest target. It was a true emergency! Just when all hope seemed lost, Rin’s savior appeared – none other than Shougan Hanamaru, her schoolmate and class representative, who also happened to be an extraordinary individual: the legendary warrior Horikawa Kimi. Rin learned that Kimi was the true identity of Horikawa Ranma, a magical girl known as Sailor Moon. The revelation left Rin both astonished and concerned, for she now found herself in the midst of a battle between good and evil. The flame of justice burned fiercely within her! “I want to become a magical heroine!” Rin declared with determination. A devastating ultimate technique from the ascended warriors reaches new heights, leaving all team members in awe!?

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