You are watching Blackmail: Tomorrow Never Ends Episode 3 English, you can watch more episodes of this hentai series here Blackmail: Tomorrow Never Ends

Hentai: Blackmail: Tomorrow Never Ends

Yumiko is a school girl wanting revenge for her best friend recording her being gang-raped. So now she aims to rape every single friend her former best friend ever had.;(Source: ANN)

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  • Cryssi Van Laarhoven 8 years ago

    I watched the English dub, I don’t remember Yumiko taking pity on Miku. Maybe it was edited out or somethin’.

  • Cryssi Van Laarhoven 8 years ago

    I never saw this on the English dub. Wow. It is Aya’s fault for all of it and I don’t think it really bothered her at all until she was finally the one raped. I’m sorta relieved that Yumiko still has some innocence to her to have pity on Miku due to the fact, Miku is truly the innocent one like she was.