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Toshi Densetsu Series Episode 2 English hentai

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  • Rhoken


    Lol, the ending. I don’t need to know Japanese to know he got called to the office. In some deep shit

  • Jack Frost The 3rd

    REALLY NIGGA’ ? XD that “the ring ” movie xD

  • Lyle

    Is rape in the tags? if not it should be, that poor girl

  • Innovator

    i gladly accept this curse

  • Choy Sa kanto

    Why the hell all of the sudden did this series turned from one of a horror thriller into a supernatural comedy? lol

  • Diana Proudmoore


  • Thanatos

    The thing I always imagine whenever I watched the grudge.

  • Hahahahaa~ . . . .
    being cursed in social life for exchange of pleasure XD LoL
    Can’t wait for episode 3 :v

  • Muhammet Taşdelen

    1.35 he is half naked 2.13 he got pants MAGİCCCCC

  • Pirojok

    One of the methods of rapid dressing pants, until my mother noticed 😀

  • Choy Sa kanto

    The title of this hentai is Urban Legends in Japanese. Expect more ‘magic’. XD

  • Choy Sa kanto

    The title of this hentai in Japanese is Urban Legends. So expect more ‘magic’. XD

  • irodragon20

    At 1:33 he’s butt naked right ? and at 2:13 hes got shorts on this guy must be the supernatural one here XD