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Otokonoko Delivery Episode 1 English hentai

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  • mr save your life

    its a trap

  • Birgir Reynisson

    shit if i had just checked the comments before watching xD

  • Hikigaya Hachiman

    I never really comment on hentai sites but as a fellow men who’ve fallen in this landmine. I can 100% confirmed that this is indeed a goddamn trap.

  • Closeone

    Good thing i saw the comments before i watch it! Thanks guys!

  • asd

    lmao before I watched, as soon as I saw the guy with blue clothes reading a book, i thought: hmm, maybe a trap? so to make sure I went down and guess what, thanks fellow men!

  • NMonsterize

    gay shit.

  • Original

    Almost got me there haha

  • KAiiRU


  • Otokonoko no Pico

  • ikato kiyazaki

    Ahahahhaa as long as their voice is from female then its all gd

  • Pregnant Avocado

    i need some alcohol to wash my eyes, is anyone have some for me?

  • Dylan Smith

    Still fapped.

  • Ju Ichi +-

    F*ck give me back my innocence.

  • Troncol

    I avoided the trap because I knew what the title meaning was…

    Otokonoko = Refers to a genre of media and fiction about cross-dressing men.

    The problem is when it doesn’t have this title in it… also the click bait type cover in H-manga I hate those the most!

  • Anon555

    You’re on a porn site, I doubt there was much innocence to begin with.

  • 🦇Anubis D. Vlad🦇 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    twas a good thing i skip to see what this was about instead of watching the whole thing and get turned on for this blasphemy.

  • Anon

    Still hot

  • Craig


  • jumpst

    Thank you for saving my day, would be a nightmare watching this right before sleeping

  • Yunior Fernandez

    fukt, if i had just read the comments.

  • Puck

    oh god not the ballsacks!

  • Band of 7

    daaaamn it’s a trap, it makes me down instantly !!

  • Twenty-Fifth Baam 스물다섯번째 밤

    Reasons why I learned Weaboology. Thank god.

  • Ichlas Cahya Binengkas


    -Admiral Ackbar

  • Iwona Malec

    2 traps

  • Boku no Pico is nothing compare to this…

    still fap anyway though

    I.E.that both size dildo turn me on so much



    first trap hentai THATS NOT BOKU NO PICO

  • Kio Kurashi


  • ikato kiyazaki

    are u implying that u wanna watch goku hentai yaoi ?

  • MsSprocket

    To short.


    Lmfao XD


    screw this