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Otokonoko Delivery Episode 1 English hentai

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  • mr save your life

    its a trap

  • Birgir Reynisson

    shit if i had just checked the comments before watching xD

  • Hikigaya Hachiman

    I never really comment on hentai sites but as a fellow men who’ve fallen in this landmine. I can 100% confirmed that this is indeed a goddamn trap.

  • Closeone

    Good thing i saw the comments before i watch it! Thanks guys!

  • asd

    lmao before I watched, as soon as I saw the guy with blue clothes reading a book, i thought: hmm, maybe a trap? so to make sure I went down and guess what, thanks fellow men!

  • NMonsterize

    gay shit.

  • Original

    Almost got me there haha

  • KAiiRU


  • Otokonoko no Pico


    Nothing against gay people, but no. Boner gone.

  • ikato kiyazaki

    Ahahahhaa as long as their voice is from female then its all gd

  • Pregnant Avocado

    i need some alcohol to wash my eyes, is anyone have some for me?

  • Dylan Smith

    Still fapped.

  • Ju Ichi +-

    F*ck give me back my innocence.

  • Troncol

    I avoided the trap because I knew what the title meaning was…

    Otokonoko = Refers to a genre of media and fiction about cross-dressing men.

    The problem is when it doesn’t have this title in it… also the click bait type cover in H-manga I hate those the most!

  • Anon555

    You’re on a porn site, I doubt there was much innocence to begin with.

  • 🦇Anubis D. Vlad🦇 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    twas a good thing i skip to see what this was about instead of watching the whole thing and get turned on for this blasphemy.

  • Anon

    Still hot

  • Craig


  • jumpst

    Thank you for saving my day, would be a nightmare watching this right before sleeping

  • Yunior Fernandez

    fukt, if i had just read the comments.

  • Puck

    oh god not the ballsacks!

  • Band of 7

    daaaamn it’s a trap, it makes me down instantly !!

  • Twenty-Fifth Baam 스물다섯번째 밤

    Reasons why I learned Weaboology. Thank god.

  • Ichlas Cahya Binengkas


    -Admiral Ackbar

  • Iwona Malec

    2 traps

  • Boku no Pico is nothing compare to this…

    still fap anyway though

    I.E.that both size dildo turn me on so much



    first trap hentai THATS NOT BOKU NO PICO

  • Kio Kurashi


  • ikato kiyazaki

    are u implying that u wanna watch goku hentai yaoi ?

  • MsSprocket

    To short.


    Lmfao XD


    screw this

  • Datmanksa

    Like if fagtopian prince sent you here

  • jr240483

    and just like with boku no pico and natsuyasumi period, this series have trapped every one of you hook line and sinker. otherwise you wouldnt be commenting on how glad you didnt see it. its clearly that you did. dont try to lie.

  • yolo

    still fapped o/

  • Christopher Walken

    Jesus, all the comments are complaining about the traps, they’re the only reason i’m here.

  • God

    Still better than anything from chippai, well I’m bi so this turns me on insanely, but that’s besides the point.

  • God

    Also just try it out straighties you might actually like it if you stop being such bitches…

  • xostrowx1991

    He’s implying that if you would be good with anyone as long as they had a female voice actor then you must be turned on by Goku too because he has a female voice actor as well lol.

  • ikato kiyazaki

    Ew. I dont like dbz in general.

  • One of my proudest faps.

  • xostrowx1991

    DBZ is the shit, but hey, to each their own. I mean hell, i’m in the comment section of a trap hentai i just got done watching and enjoying…pretty sure the majority of the modern world would want to have me locked up and/or restrained from coming within 1000 feet of androgynous looking boys if they found out lmao.

  • ブリックス

    i feel bad for the people who didn’t come here on purpose

    .. oh well hooray for traps

  • Marek Madariaga

    No shit retard

  • Marek Madariaga

    don’t need that shit here gtfo

  • Marek Madariaga

    then get out of here why bother commenting

  • davisss


  • Assisi

    Is that yours?!

  • it a secret

  • Adam J. Harper

    LOL that Himegoto quote

  • Tyler Bregg

    is it a bad thing that I’m a straight guy and I still find this stimulating

  • Ene

    otoko means man and ko is child; Therefore OTOKO NO KO means boy LOL

  • Troncol

    Yeah that is the definition if you look at it in an Oxford Dictionaries… Is this your first time in this type of genre/title as in the definition for the genre in manga/anime/hentai…?

    “Otokonoko”, also known as “Otoko no Musume”, is a Japanese genre of romantic and/or erotic stories for men, focusing on Attractive Bent-Gender male Crossdressers. An otokonoko character must be anatomically male (no Hermaphrodites or Gender Benders) but look convincingly like an attractive girl thus my comment about the trap for viewers that don’t know or don’t like this type of trap hentai because most of them h-manga & h-anime use the world play in the majority of their title in the erotic media and the ones that don’t know about that may think that those guys in the screen shot are girls…

  • Makara

    Ahh, that was good

  • Makara

    It’s 2, actually…

  • im watching this for the satire comedy, wish this was dubbed like the ghost schools english dub.

  • not my proudest fap

  • Μάρκος Στυλιανίδης

    The moms of the guys who made this must be so proud of them…

    Great cinematography, and amazing plot. All in all my favourite spongebob episode

  • Tyrone10272

    Anyone have something I can burn my eyes and brain with

  • Kyouma

    I think That’s Enough of Internet for now.

  • Hiro

    dafaq!! wtf is this ?

  • videokai

    Turned me on so that I could go to sleep with good dreams

  • Brandon Town

    Yo Is that A Dude?????

  • no


  • Prideful “Havok” Lust

    gachiBASS FUCK YOU

  • My guy friend sent me this. Was not disappointed. Thanks, Brandon! 😀

  • Arly JuDe

    Damn…. I should check comment first.
    They got me…