Kuroinu II The Animation

“Cuntry” from the Negramstia empire is a city of lust and debauchery located in the northwestern part of the kingdom of Serenus. In this city, which smells of sex and debauchery, any wishes come true … After just a hundred years from its foundation, Neramstia reached its peak of prosperity. This empire is ruled by the unsurpassed empress of charm, Radmila. She spends her carefree days indulging in pleasures while her army in neighboring states organizes a “hunt for people”, enslaving country after country and wreaking havoc on its way. Many countries, which have still kept their borders untouched by the barbarians, decide to unite in a huge alliance “Alliance of Saints” to fight against Neramtiya. In a matter of days, the forces of the allied army crush the profligate city of Country and lay siege to the hated citadel of Negramtia. The “Mercenary King” and Captain of the Black Dog Knights, Derek Rondo, volunteered to resist the forces of the Alliance. He personally follows the orders of Empress Radmila and attacks the allied army from the rear. On account of the captain many devastated countries and a whole harem of top-notch beauties of their different races. However, according to rumors, Derek is not only hunting for beautiful women and power, his main goal is to win over the Empress Radmila herself in order to gain complete control over the territory of the whole world …

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