Goblin no Suana

Goblins are considered the weakest and worthless creatures of any fantasy worlds, and this one was no exception. They are incredibly weak and are killed in droves by monster hunters. However, no one understands their true nature and why they multiply so quickly and spread across the continent. The whole secret turns out to be quite simple – they kidnap females of people, elves and other peoples in huge numbers and reliably fertilize them, pumping their bodies with their sperm to the limit …

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Goblin no Suana Episode 1 English

270.56K Views8 Comments

Goblin no Suana Episode 2 English

241.29K Views16 Comments

Goblin no Suana Episode 3 English

136.26K Views17 Comments

Goblin no Suana Episode 4 English

238.08K Views16 Comments

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