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  • Dedi

    I hate this genre

  • Kujo

    yeah its called netorare or NTR for short, I FUCKING HATE as well,
    who the fuck enjoys this shit, people who have holes in their hearts ?

  • SeeQ97

    I also do not like something like this, I do not understand what it is who is doing it, who is it or who makes it what it is doing since no one practically does not like it I do not know how it is in japan but something like that does not want to see it much better series Those who do not have the right ones are really good

  • Troncol

    By her succumbing to the rapist grooming she went from a victim to a enabler thus from here on all that happens to her she reaped what she sow…

  • Troncol

    I understand how you fell but right now this genre (NTR) & the Ugly bastard (drawing characters ugly AF) is selling like hotcakes in Japan… and if even bridged the gap unto normal anime & manga… we have to understand that the authors have to make a living in an industry that sometime doesn’t pay them enough… so some of them jump from regular hentai to NTR to make a living although other do it because they have expressed that they like to see the heroine broken such as Carn and many others in the author notes at the end of a manga or doujinshi…

  • Ryuil

    something like this you really cant feel sorry for especially since she WENT to the teacher to do something like this. definitely a reap wat ya sow FOOLISH GIRL

  • Troncol

    Yeah, my empathy to her was gone as soon as she pushed away her childhood friend, loved one(?) and became a submissive slut may I add to a rapist…

  • vanilla Faggot always rant about why people like this kind of stuff really if u dont like it dont even bother with it just go away , before watching something do some research first if u dont want to stumble this kind of thing really


  • Wew

    I really love this kind of hentai..

  • Pramot ปราโมทย์

    lol guys, there is a very fucked up happy ending to this, and ofc, not hooking up with this guy but her childhood friend. I’ve read the fucking manga so, or doujinshi. And man, that ending, the creator make the childhood friend so dense to not realize that she wasn’t virgin while having sex with her.

  • Troncol

    What happy ending are you talking about…? did you read the prologue the one that chronologically came after chapter 1 (by the way not animated skiped) thus the last part in the story & true end…?

  • Zac

    What does it matter to you, who enjoys it and who doesn’t? Crying about it in the comment section makes you look like such a little bitch it ain’t even funny.

  • Kujo

    its an opinion and Im free to put wherever I want, so yeah fuck off

  • Zac Atie

    I’m not saying you’re not free, that’s irrelevant, I’m saying you’re pathetic for doing so. So, go grow up somewhere. It’s just a genre of porn, not a presidential election. I swear, you people in these little J-communities are creepy as a motherfucker.

  • Kujo

    then maybe u should get the fuck out of here then Mr president,
    what a fucking faggot

  • Kujo

    thats a really scientific way to justify it and probably the most reasonable
    but still as a viewer : feelsfuckingbadman

  • Troncol

    Yeah… well there is no denying that the NTR genre is made to make the reader in case of manga, viewer anime react/feel something… no matter what the emotion sadness, rage towards characters, sympathy, hatred, etc.

    I know people say it’s fiction so people should treat it as such but the reality is that fiction can easily become reality (except for the sci-fi and supernatural stuff) I mean if there is a sad story about a dog getting hit by a car, you are not just going to say it’s just fiction and ignore it. Chances are you are most likely going to apply that feeling towards your dog if you own one and might place yourself in the shoes of the fictional person who lost their fictional dog.

    The reason why NTR is sometimes disliked is because it tries to put you in real environment and situations an everyday person could find themselves in(?) Let’s say you have a hot wife/gf/lover, chance are you will want to be with them every day but you have to work if you want the bills to get paid. So what do you do? You start working leaving your beautiful wife all alone because you don’t have much of a choice unless you want to be homeless. XD Because of this, your hot wife might end up horny since you come home tired so you haven’t been sexually satisfying her. Does that sound familiar? It should because that’s the plot for lots NTR

    Let’s take another scenario, let’s say you are terrible at sex. Your wife/gf doesn’t tell you but pretends everything is ok. Because of that, you leave you wife unsatisfied and makes her more likely to give in to someone having sex with her. This happens in real life due to lack of communication in a relationship, and guess what? It’s also the plot for some NTR and it is the principal focus of this story (after all the girl didn’t communicate to her friend, authorities, family or loved one(?) what was happening to her). The reason why some people dislike it is because some scenarios hit too close to home, and could happen. The authors know this and sometimes use realistic situations (taking in consideration that they also exaggerate/blow out of proportions things after all Manga = Comic) to tug on the reader’s heart, just like how you are more likely to cry at a fictional work if something like that could happen. The neighbor could bang your wife when you are away, unsatisfied wives/gf have a harder time pushing a man off, other men will try to go after your wife/gf if she is hot even the ones you trust, people could blackmail your love interest, all of this could happen in reality and not just in the fiction world…. well some of them apart from those that revolve around crazy hentai logic. ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

    So yes, it’s all fictional but people sometimes dislike it because it could happen (even if there is a small chance) and some of us treat the people in it as real people.

  • Kujo

    yeah but its also because anime viewers like us tend to get attached to imaginary characters,
    what u said said is true but I didnt really consider it, Im sure it does happen in real life which makes it much more darker, but what I find is disturbing is that its trending in Japan, why would people life seeing women blackmailed and used ffs, thats all to me
    but I shall be aware in the future as not to get NTRed myself

  • Troncol

    Well in the first episode I talked with other fellow hentai watcher a little about why would anyone would like stuff like this (in fiction) that person post also have other views as well…

    I bet most of the user who like this type of genre wouldn’t never consider to do this in real life (for example it is like you want sometimes to see the bad guy win in comics DC/Marvel), I suggest you read it not because I want to change your mind set (after all you do you) but to try to understand other people’s fetishes…

    The other thing is what you said at your last words in your reply, in your case you have to be aware of NTR not only in hentai even in regular anime & manga (this in japan is popular in Shōjo {of course not as heavy as hentai but a kiss or a date an make you feel the same way as viewing this hentai, after all authors are getting better at manipulating our feelings and sometimes that is not a bad thing *George R.R. Martin do this with GOT*} try reading some of the comments to test if the media that you want to watch or read is for you… I would advise just that.

    Take care friend! ^_^

  • Kujo

    will do, ty and have a good day fam

  • Dedi

    Well i can’t enjoy this because my heart still inside my body, if i can cut my heart i will enjoy this shit?

  • I don’t like NTR but since it was from the manga, I read the entire chapter. It was like no longer NTR afterwards….ish. Good ending? I guess.

  • Troncol

    Did you read the epilogue…?

    > Didn’t go to college to further her education and dropped her swimming career/passion.

    > She is divorced thus she is now a single mother whose child’s father is a [email protected]/criminal who was incarcerated for his crimes and her child will never know who is his father in addition the child is going to be a product of a broken family just like her hence keeping the cycle… and because of that her social life was ruined Japanese tend to gossip (especially the elder & wives in the neighborhood) because of that she had to move to the country side where she don’t have anyone who recognize her to avoid rumors/gossips.

    > And finally she lost the love of her life(?) and she might never be with him anymore (there is a possibility that he has move on with his life)…

    I don’t know if you can call that a good ending!?

  • Rory G. Rojas

    It’s a shame that it’s queen bee who adapts masterpiece like this.

  • Starscream


  • I did read it 2 months ago. But we will never know. Though I think she’ll never be with her first love for her current life. In my vision, they’re together.

  • Troncol

    That’s fair enough…