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Zutto Suki Datta Episode 1 English hentai

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  • EliteTrainerXeos

    Queen Bee needs to stop.

  • Troncol

    Pretty spot on adaptation…

    Scenario-wise, I must warn those faints of heart that this is NTR, since Setsuna is in love with Gin… I didn’t care much, but I know that’s a touchy topic, and I can respect that.

    This is an adaption of the manga and from here on things get worse, way worse.

  • EgaDXD

    I knew it

  • EgaDXD

    The sensei fucking ruin it!!!

  • EgaDXD

    Wtf queen bee you need to stop

  • EgaDXD

    God fucking salty as fuck

  • Winsen W

    FUCK, Stop The Rape Goddamnit, Can you just make it The Hero and The Heroine together. Geez

  • Jose Cunha

    lol 90% of hentai is rape

  • yoyo

    rape = more sells lol

  • RealChinaR.O.C.

    I like this series

  • Illya

    Weak. At least let it be his friend and have a view

  • Winsen W

    Well ikr and ur one of the rapist

  • irodragon20

    This rape shit needs to stop, its much better when the couples get to together not just a random fuckface who thinks he owns the girls.

  • dd

    fucking QB stop making low FPS anime.

  • TK

    How are these people finding work?

  • Cyberhaven

    the manga is high quality, really dissapointed by this adaptation. Also, this site never gets comments like wow.

  • Abhinash Gari

    To tell u wht i think about most otaku or anime fans in japan are the one who r not who don’t have any luck with girls or tired of living.Maybe they get happy or satisfied with rape hentais or imagine themselves as the bad guy. Cuz Japanese peoples sure are weird. Haaahaha😂😂

  • Troncol

    Or you can say that it’s not about one’s strength, and more about one’s purity. Are we still attached to pure feelings and beauty, or do we appreciate to witness the degradation and falling into depravity?

    Like in Sim City. A beautiful city, working harmoniously, with balanced forces, Yay, perfect… and then, the urge to destroy the city rises, we want to witness beauty challenged, and rise again… or maybe fall and get utterly crushed…

    To quote a comic book/movie character: “Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn” and there are people who are into that…

  • Abhinash Gari

    U know Troncol i agree with u man nd its yea i’m not attached to pure feelings or things like that.Bt u know what i feel sorry for people like that