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  • ayy lmao its out early

  • instantregret

    Good fucking LORD that man is ugly. My boner instantly evaporated.

  • Illya

    God bless everyone.

  • Doujinworldz1994

    Wow my favorite genre! And it was so well animated too! He is super ugly doe, they could’ve have toned down the ugly but it was super good nonetheless. Highly recommend this to my “ugly old man” lovers!☺ more plz.

  • Troncol

    Does your boner die when you read stories about women f*cking Ugly bastards? If yes, please do skip this post, 0% of its contents will be to your taste… 😉

  • Brolaf
  • tameme 001

    i like it

  • Chosen one

    Yes I agree we more Contents like Ugly Old Men and Hot ass chicks

  • Chosen one

    stuffs like this make ero anime best

  • Troncol

    Well it depends IMO, there are stories where it makes sense but nonetheless, I left the warning to some of the viewers that don’t like to see ugly bastard boning the heroine…

  • Unconcerned

    The main ugly dude looks way too overdone. He’s huge and cartoonish wtf were they thinking. Shame since i enjoyed the first one.

  • yutshu_chan what

  • NewLegend.

    I burst out in laughter when I saw that ugly fuck. He looks like a fucking Ogre.