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Sei Brunehilde Gakuen Shoujo Kishidan to Junpaku no Panty The Animation Episode 1 English hentai

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  • gone

    eng subb

  • Hentai Play

    the sub has not yet been released for this episode, once released i will update this

  • Hentai Play

    hi subtitles have been released this post is updated with subtitles

  • Hentai Pro

    Thanks for the sub release! 🙂

  • Lefter

    Is there going to be a second episode

  • Xander

    All time fav… Chicks in armor is one of my fetishes

  • Anomiouspoo

    A better love story than like 80% of Anime with a “Romance” tag on it i swear…

  • Berkel

    This is really awesome, for long time i didn’t saw something like this, many sentences and good short story even in hentai. Idk why they placed that kiss scene after ending, but still that was good. I felt for a moments like watching normal anime, but that was still hentai. I need more cuz this is really rare to see hentai like this.