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Muchi Muchi Kyousei Seichouchuu!!! Episode 2 English hentai

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  • I know, you know me.šŸ˜

    Is this even legal ?? šŸ¤” i mean im not into this kind of story bcoz basically they are still a child..šŸ˜®šŸ˜§

  • BruhPlease

    Yeah, I saw ep 1 like a few mins in and gtfo. Way too awkward. It’s a cop out for pedo shit. A lot of fucked up things I’m fine with but not this. Makes me think this is where that line where getting vanned is in the vicinity of to boot.

  • I know, you know me.šŸ˜

    Well this hentai is like they are justifying a pedo. šŸ¤” i mean even if they “upgrade” in size their mind is still a kid like..

  • The Oil Fly

    It is illegal in some countries, but not in most because 1. It is a drawing and drawings are not real. 2. There is no victim because see 1. 3. It is porn, do not take it too hard (that is the loli’s job.)

  • I know, you know me.šŸ˜

    Well you are justifying this hentai too.. Hahha.

    I know that this is not real but it still disturbing, it looks like rape but not in a context of a really rape. , a consesual rape maybe. But still rape.

    I dont judge whoever watch this, im just saying is a little disturbing from my point of view. Lols. šŸ™ƒšŸ™ƒ

  • Brolaf


  • ā™„ā™ JRPGNATIONā™£ā™¦

    No and yours is a 14 year old girl profile pic. Also fiction so fuck off with the stupid question. Also you two block for human stupidity trying to jail someone for fictional stuff.

  • I know, you know me.šŸ˜

    Lols trigger ?? šŸ˜‚ i never said about jailing someone.and i clearly said “im not judging whoever watch this” šŸ˜‚ im just saying something from my point of view. Lols. Never heard of freedom of speech ? well if you want to watch go ahead. Getting trigger by my comment just thats mean youre also stupid . And if you dont get feelings by watchng anime and hentai better stop watching it. Fictional or not,they still left feelings in mind.. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • BakaHentai420

    It was perfectly acceptable when it was Tom Hanks in “BIG”.

  • šŸ”„GoldBurnšŸ”„ āœ“įµ›įµ‰Ź³į¶¦į¶ į¶¦įµ‰įµˆ

    gotta stop creating these pedo shit and make back some elf hentai, man.