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Monmusu Quest! Episode 1 English hentai

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  • Ashirogi Sensei

    Woah finally they had release it buti’m confus3d what part of the stkry this is can anyone answer?

  • Allison DeMoreau

    nooooooooooo wayyyyyyy!!!! wtf they made an animation of one of my favortie games! hahaha holy shit!

  • Gill Marrow

    Too bad the animation is complete trash.

  • Dylan Smith

    This looks so dated..

  • Xarvi

    Too bad it doesnt stick to the story at all, just random sex scenes with the characters of the game. The game was rather awesome but this is kinda meh

  • the Straightest Shota

    vote up if you also got caught and “accidentally” t level dropped by the lencubus

  • Loli Lives Matter

    I’m a simple Loli, I see women turning shotas into their playthings and I hit like…

  • Loli Lives Matter

    Oh, its finally subbed, only took a week…

  • xostrowx1991

    Ilias must’ve been SUPER disappointed with me by the end of the game; probably thought i was just pathetic lol. I “accidentally” got caught by every enemy in the game you see….

  • Kenneth Eaton

    Its after the events of Monster Girl Quest Episode 3.

  • Kenneth Eaton

    Actually it takes place after the game.

  • me

    I only got caught by nanabi 4 times and thats it. On my first playthrough 😉

  • Erika Rodriguez

    I will not complain about the animation, if you were expecting the hentai with a much better animation but let’s give thanks that Queen Bee has not done it