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*Only Hentai sites will be accepted *
[Inactive website for 30 days will be removed]

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Would you like your link to appear as Friends of Hentai Play?, Follow the Instructions below, Read the rules if your site is eligible for link exchange.


Your site must have a minimum of 5000 (5k) visitors per day.

Your site must be under Hentai genre, Hentai Streaming, Hentai Manga, Hentai Downloads, Hentai Forums etc. JAV sites are also accepted.


1. Please add my site on your site with

Title: Hentai Play

2. Send an Email Requesting a link exchange

Let me know the URL and Title of your site:
Your URL: ………
Your Title: ………

In the Subject write: Link Exchange

Send to: [email protected]

3. Wait for a reply containing the status of your request. Usually within 24hrs