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  • BigBoss

    Its x100 better to read Doujins than to waste data watching this!

  • Nermie01

    Get over yourself, Queen Bee works aren’t bad. Besides, you don’t get voice with doujins or eromanga.

  • Neon Dystopia

    i totally agree.

  • PabloGC

    Nah, its just bad, most of the people dont like it

  • Nermie01

    >most of the people don’t like it

    I assume you have statistics to back up this claim? Otherwise you’re just weaponizing a niche opinion. The way I see it is… they’re still in business. They still get licensed for anime adaptations. They are clearly doing something right. I enjoy their works myself, because they try to get the animation as close to the source material as possible. Besides, if you’ve ever compared the source manga with the Queen Bee animations, you’ll see (with relation to pose, expression, and motion indication) that their animation is a good representation of the original work. It’s fine that you don’t like it, but that is your opinion. Do not blanket your own opinion as being the only thing that is “correct” and attempting to label it as “bad” for that reasoning. Because that is pretty close to saying that the original works themselves are bad.

  • Marshingo

    Queen bee is shit

  • Nermie01

    Opinions. Everyone has them. Stop trying to imply your opinion is ‘fact’. YOU think Queen Bee is shit. Great, good for you. Move along.

  • Shin Asura

    >I assume you have statistics to back up this claim?

    Well, if you’re lurking enough around hentai streaming sites, you’ll see most comments are negative when it comes to queen bee’s animation. That’s where “most of the people don’t like it” comes from.

    People generally expect more quality and fluid movements with today’s animation.

    And Queen bee is shit.

  • Nermie01

    Yeah, see, I DO float around a few hentai sites, and while I see a handful of complaints (usually by the same people), most of the comments aren’t. So, by my own experience, you guys are just bitching because it doesn’t match what you think it should. As I have said before, if you compare the Queen Bee animations with the original work (since they try to get it as close as possible to the original) then you would see from positions and motion lines in the original manga, that their animation is very close to the intent of the original. It’s fine that you don’t like it, but don’t try to assume that they’re cutting corners or whatever on animation when they are simply following the blueprint presented by the manga.

    Opinions are not facts.

  • Shin Asura

    >handful of complaints

    >most of the comments aren’t

    yeah, lemme borrow your words.
    >Opinions are not facts.

    Also, Your argument about this Sort of style of animation being close to the original as much as possible can also be achieved with more fluid animation. In fact, better animation can improve the work (just look at One Punch Man and other popular anime), imagine if MADhouse or some other studio tried to get it as close as possible to the original) ….etc etc using these style of animation, you think OPM or any other popular anime would get this popular?

  • Nermie01

    Not sure what your point is by quoting my opinions are not facts phrase there, since I am not stating my opinion except for the fact that I don’t mind their work. Additionally, while I admit my sphere of knowledge about these massive amounts of complaints you claim to know of is limited, since I only frequent 3 or 4 hentai sites.. on the sites I DO use, my own person experience with comments are what I have previously stated.

    I’m not saying you have to like their work, far from it. You don’t like it? No problem. But you are basically demonizing something based on your own opinions and tastes. You do know that Queen Bee consults and works with the original authors of their works, right? If they receive the seal of approval of the author themselves, and keep getting work regardless of your complaints, then clearly they’re doing something right.

    Comparing animation studios (whether hentai or standard anime) is pointless as well. This is their style, backed by research of the original work as well as collaboration with the authors. Could it be made better? Depends on what you mean by ‘better’. Personally (and this is my opinion) I see nothing wrong with it, and I enjoy the style. It brings the original work to life without changing the overall intent or impact of the scenes, because that would change the ‘feeling’ of the original.. and frankly, I find that insulting to the mangaka. I mean, sure.. if you’re the type who likes their porn fast-paced piston-hammering, then you’re probably unsatisfied. But that just means that this isn’t for you.

  • PabloGC

    I assume you have fonts as well cause i only see “bla bla”

  • Nermie01

    Very mature.

  • PabloGC

    Mature already kiddo

  • Par None

    God, just seeing your shitty comments in the recent comments section really shows you are some pseudo-intellectual tool that thinks you are cool for having an opinion different from the majority. Kindly go back to fapping to your shitty badly-drawn Chinese chartoons. No one wants to hear your weaponized autism.

  • Nermie01

    I was wondering when someone was going to start blatantly insulting me for disagreeing with them. Took longer than expected. Insults are the weapons of those without the proper logic to back up their opinions made ‘fact’.

    Also, I have no need to defend my intelligence or lack thereof to you. You’re just not trying to see my very valid points. I’m not trying to say that these works are the height of artistic excellence, because even I agree that the animation can be stilted at times, but that doesn’t make me not like it. However, the intent is that the animation follows the source material as closely as possible while working with the original authors. You keep claiming your opinions as fact, because you don’t like it and you think it’s bad, that means that it is bad. That is not how opinions work. I don’t honestly care if you guys complain about the works, it’s the language you use that gets me. “I don’t like this because it looks shitty to me” is good, because it identifies that that is your personal opinion. “Queen Bee is shit” as above is NOT, because it implies a factual statement and not a personal opinion.