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  • KAiiRU

    haha they posted another one. Another 21 minute long joke. Aren’t they just the funniest pranksters around? They just took a giant shit on yet another beloved series haha yeah!

  • zen-sama

    *sees thumbnail
    Holy shit one of my most favorite doujins got an anime adaptation!
    *3 seconds in

  • B1Q

    still fapable

  • Berkel

    MY GOD, this is probably one of the worst hentai studio right now. You can like it some because art isn’t that bad, but when u look on animations it’s meh. This is adaptation of fu**ing one of the best manga and awesome arist with beautiful art. Why that artist even accept that studio to animate his works… With better studio it will be masterpiece

  • Jeremy Lafferty

    Gotta say guys, I’m not really understanding your issue with Queen Bee. Their primary focus has always been (since they started doing manga adaptations) to make the art and content match the scenes in the source material as closely as possible. There’s only so much they can do with the animation within the bounds of that restriction without just making shit up (position changes, speed of motion, etc). The animation is not bad, because if you look at motion lines in the source manga, it gives a distinct impression of how things are going in a particular scene. I’m just glad that Sasamori Tomoe is getting her works animated. She’s a great artist and she deserves it.

    Besides, who would you want to animate it?

  • probably just people bandwagoning with the bashing or memes, or both lol.
    its basically a custom now lol.