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Hitozuma Life: One Time Gal Episode 1 English hentai

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  • BigBoss

    I swear if they made the boobs normal this hentai will be 50% more interesting.That unnaturally big boobs turns me off.

  • jjjjjj

    she just casually cheated on her husband without a second thought smh shes a airhead thot lol

  • KAiiRU

    lol? People are suppose to fap to this?

  • arham3

    i did

  • Delphi Sombra

    Bastante pasable lo feo fue ntr

  • Oh wow, they made an actual animation of the manga, One Time Gal. Hope they show another episode with the epilogue!

  • Lit Fire

    Ok, lets ignore this usual edgy boy commenting almost all the recent videos. Cant wait for eps 2. The manga was good but this one is quite hilarious. lmao

  • heavenlysf

    I did

  • U mean the hentai doujinshi was good. Thats 2 different things

  • Lit Fire

    Oh, you want to interpreted it as hentai doujinshi? Suit yourself, Mr, Dictionary. It does even a matter, like a topic being an anime and cartoon. smh all these elitists.

  • jewsdid911

    jesus fucking christ this was dogshit

  • KAiiRU

    damn you’re edgy.

  • Tabiths Smorowski


  • Lit Fire

    That was just a bait to lure you out, edgy(2).

  • KAiiRU

    Lure me out? What? To suck my dick? Sorry this is PREMIUM meat, no filthy gaijins allowed on this juicer.

  • Lit Fire

    Keep barking, Im listening

  • Troncol

    Yeah, I would recommend reading the manga… the animation and some od the drawings were awful…

  • Troncol

    The only thing good about this H-anime was the sound the some of the drawings compared to the source material are rubbish plus the animation made it more obvious… *Sigh*

  • Iku Iku Iku

    Shitty adaptation of a great ntr manga, zero justice to the actual source.

  • H-fan_lover

    The Manga was better than the Hanime version.

  • Animefan13579

    It’s not suppose to be “interesting” And people find this extremely hot. The point of fantasy.

  • LilSussyVert

    Goddamn the manga source material is way better than this shit.

  • Chinpo Daisuki

    Umm, 同人誌(doujinshi) is a term used to refer to whether a work is self published or not, i.e indie or and the Japanese do not use the word hentai to refer to such erotic content, it’s usually the affix “エロ/Ero” added to the type of content. Example エロゲ(Eroge) which stands for Erotic game. Hence manga and doujinshi are different, but using manga to refer to the original source is correct. So he made no mistake in referring to the original work as manga, you’re just trying to be a failure of an elitist to him or in layman’s terms, a cunt.

  • Chinpo Daisuki

    Eh, the H-Anime industry is dead.

  • Chinpo Daisuki

    Anyways using the term Hentai rather than Ero is fine by me since we’re all gaijins anyways and have corrupted the meaning of the term. This does not change the fact that there is nothing wrong with him referring to such works as manga, because it is manga. It’s pictures, with text bubbles and panels, anything with that is manga. Doujinshi and Manga arent even the same kinds of classifications, so they dont conflict at all. A manga can be doujinshi, no issues. So before you spread misinformation, please educate yourself.

  • Troncol

    Let’s be positive and say is in a slump… ^_^