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  • arham3

    ah shity old voice actor from jk bitch ruined the hentai

  • Guest

    Welp its kinda like Free Friends Visual novel

  • RK Gaming

    Yes it’s based on Free Friends 2 Visual Novel

    Kinda disappoint at Sumire’s CV thou, I thought it will have the same CV just like in VN, unlike the previous series that has a same CV of Yui Kurahashi

  • RK Gaming

    Some reviews in this Anime adaptation (Some spoilers for those who didn’t read or want to read the VN ver.):

    > The Animation is good now, unlike previous series is just like the animation of Imouto Paradise 1

    > CV’s is not suitable to Sumire Shinozaki, for those who read the VN, you’ll know the personality of Sumire’s CV, unlike the prev. series that has the same CV as Yui Kurahashi in VN and Anime adaptation

    > This Anime adaptation is focus on 2 routes just like the same series but actually there’s a 3 routes (Good, Bad, Worst routes) in the VN. and it’s up to you if you want to dig deeper

    > Overall, 7/10 in this Anime adaptation, I would give a 8/10 if Sumire’s CV has same as in the VN ver. or other CV that suits on that character.

  • Soddenreborn

    Why do I here this same VA in every hentai now