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Fella Hame Lips Episode 1 English hentai

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  • Anonymous

    It’s not bad. But it didn’t live up to my expectations. I’ll wait until it turns hd.

  • Rhoken

    The dude below me has low standards

  • Ya Boi

    Above you dumbass

  • Just Do It !

    As a fan of Fue, i am quite Disappointed ! Did not expect only 1 sex
    scene and 6 minutes long introduction… They delayed this since july
    and then give us this piece of (imo) shitty art animation. This is very
    lazy and lack of imagination! Thumbs down ! Fela Pure is way better than
    this in terms of story, animation and sex scene. I know both are
    different story with the same author(Fue) but i did not expect this
    quality to be this low!!!

  • imnowhere

    what about dropout and [fue]two siblings ?

  • imnowhere

    whats next project? sasaki-san satisfaction? please

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t like drop out mainly because of the pepporoni nipples, and Fela Pure was the reason I had high expectations for this. Also, the doujinshi for this was fucking awesome.

  • Nelson ZG

    Just wait til the bluray release, it should be better. I was super excited since I first discovered this way back.

  • Jack Frost The 3rd

    what did he say lol ?

  • Levi

    Nope,not even gonna try to watch it even if it is in bluray. Have you check out the Fela Pure manga? The quality is top notch and (imo) is absolute the most beautiful piece of art and hard work similar to Koikishi Purely Kiss, Kuroinu, and RinXsem !! Other hentais aren’t appeal as these. I wonder why they have stopped to continue the sequel on fela pure animation ? Any captain can explain please because i couldn’t find much info.Cheers ~

  • Nelson ZG

    I’m seen everything Fue has produced.

  • Doujinworldz1994

    The art style as not for me. The animation looks really. My favorite scenes are blowjob scenes but this one didnt do it for me. Shitty fap material😐