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  • dloel

    what the FUCK


    First , this is more pertubating that I think , this is like two girls in one cup T-T

  • uiiliul

    holy shet

  • Xyaire Ford

    They made an episode 5?!?!?! I thought this ended in 2011

  • WutFace

    at least the animations are pretty :/

  • PlayStation4Life!

    the human centipede hentai version.

  • bastus

    thanks , hentai is better than porn with real human

  • Astral Blaze

    it’s just sad, Keisuke should have killed the other girl, Nemu should live

  • Ghdr

    Nemu lives. Did you even watch untill the end?
    He stopped choking her, managed to kill Kanae (she is shown with multiple wounds, so shes either dead or seriously wounded) and then was happy with Nemu.
    Better lovestory then twillight. <3

  • TwitchingFool0


  • SmexyJutsu

    What I’d like to know is how they were able to clone Nemu. Other than that, I think I’ve figured out the story(?)

  • Darksider

    Nemu dies. The one kei rescues is a clone. He kills kanae 3 years after

  • finn datzert

    what the fuck is that shit

  • Idk

    How do you know it’s a clone? Serious question I’m confused.

  • Choy Sa kanto

    Heartbreaking as fuck! D’: D=:

  • Choy Sa kanto

    but still outdated-ish. look the anime style. compare it to newest hentais right now.

  • Choy Sa kanto

    No, it was probably just a memory of his past. Now that he killed Kanae, his true memory is back.

  • Choy Sa kanto

    *The Hentai Centipede: Fucked Sequence

  • Dalton Miller

    I’m so lost I watched this because someone told me it had a fucked up story but I don’t understand how it all fits together