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Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai Episode 6 English hentai

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  • kratos jr

    Hell yeah…

  • Sh1rane

    Anyone knows if this is the last chapter?

  • Harumona

    I hope the HH staff translate it faaaassttt

  • Martin Suarez

    ohhh siiiii

  • Zeonite

    When is he going to fuck Nene?

  • Anonymous

    C’mon. You know Hentaihaven is actually NTRhaven

  • Harumona


  • Anonymous

    Oh you have been missing out. Basically HH went on an Netorare video spree. Legend has it they’re still going at it.

  • Patrick Viray

    Lol Euphoria

  • irodragon20

    they fixed the girl with the “c cups” and acts all cool good i like her the best but they messed her up

  • irodragon20

    it wont be i hope

  • Hyodo Issei

    yes it is!

  • Harumona

    Oh well, good to know, thank you :3

  • Valaridan Drax

    when you gonna die 🙂

  • mr.piratson

    actually in the game you can fuck her so maybe they will release an ep that she got fucked who know ! (i hope so too ! XD)