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Dropout Episode 2 English hentai

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  • Tsuke-kun

    wtf they ruin a masterpiece on the 2nd epi … dem really disappointed

  • ecchi master

    Yh they ruined a master piece

  • Anonymous

    I do question your definition of masterpiece.

  • Tsuke-kun

    well a masterpiece in this genre of entertainment yohohohoho … my masterpiece in the adventure genre is hunter x hunter :3

  • Anonymous

    I prefer FMAB.

  • DeDawa WaRek

    this is hentai wtf is wrong with guys do people watch this as a movie seriously//

  • yuuji

    What the fuck happened to the story? This is what I waited for? This episode is such a waste.

  • gabriel sosa

    pls for the newbies of the industrie (like melike me) could you say the full name.

  • BeardlyAmazing

    wtf happened to the story

  • Name

    Episode one was way better… This is just, messy.

  • Monster Meister

    this is what happen after all the great idea are all used up.

  • reminder

    “Feel free to use the principal”

    Subs OP.

  • dumbfounded

    how come did it turn out this way? ep 1 is better than this

  • you guys are all fags

    its like none of you Fags read the damn doujin or something