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Daraku Reijou The Animation Episode 1 English hentai

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  • SeeQ97

    and egein shit hentai !

  • Sekai

    Ya this was a pretty bad one. Imo…

  • Kinome

    Fucking NTR

  • EgaDXD

    Pretty much otome dori

  • *take deep breath* *long sigh* Welp, time to go to the Yakuza ways and fuck things up in my own story again……I mean to make things right…

  • Ichlas Cahya Binengkas

    i cant wait Tsumamigui 3 The Animation eps.2

  • The sub just came out….welp *long sigh again* Here we GO AGAIN!…..Bloodthirsty…The reenacting begins lol

  • Troncol

    NTR hentai

    Girlfriend/Wife/Mother/Daughter/Niece/Love interest/Childhood friend/Sister:
    Blackmail/rape -> not tell anyone / not finding a way out -> immerse in sex -> break up with love one/continue the betrayal

    Aware at some point of NTR -> angry but doesn’t confront the problem -> cannot save love one -> gain NTR fetish (masturbation while crying)

    Roll credits – The end ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    My advice to the young fella is… Run, Forrest, Run! XD

  • B1QB0SS

    man… NTR is just so fucking bad

  • Troncol

    The thing is when it’s done well (not talking about the ending, I’m talking about story) you enjoy/respect the artistic point of view of the Mangaka but nowadays NTR is so generic & boring (there are a few gems out there) that the genre as a whole puts Activision & Call of Duty to shame…

  • B1QB0SS


  • Blackknight

    this must be the most incriminatory sex tape in history, not only he had sex with an underage girl on camera, he confessed that he is blackmailing her as well, this is super illegal, that guy should be having a panic attack right now

  • LordAce

    that was reaaaaaaaallllllyyyyy bad, who the fuck fap to this

  • Robert Takeya

    sick anime h. . . . . . stupid bitch i hope she die ;P

  • Wew

    I dont know why but i fucking love watching NTR genre hentai.

  • Sterben4

    NTR aside. It’s bad even without it. I’m in to netorare but this is just bad as a hentai