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  • ikato kiyazaki


  • Brandon

    more shota. nty

  • via<<3bang

    ay shota <3

  • BrandonIsAFùсkingCùсk

    i know this is just a chinese cartoon where you come just to come, but jesus christ the voice actors are terribly deadpan

  • BrandonIsStillAFùсkingCùсk

    yo one thing i thought about is that she starts fingering his asshole; he’s a little kid, he’s never done anal, so he’s never cleaned the inside of his pooper, yet she digs into him like she’s a miner during the great depression

  • B1Q


  • Huhhhh I’ll wait for the subs. Not a superb episode…

  • KAiiRU

    I was wondering why this plot seemed so familiar. Then I remembered I read this manga awhile back.

    It should have stayed a manga.