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Boku no Yayoi-san Episode 4 English hentai

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  • Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi

    not quite sure how the ntr in this ep leads to a happier(?) ending than ep 3… subs please

  • AlwaysGoFullAhegao

    Whoa, I thought this was finished on the 2nd eps, gotta preparing my heart for this fuckin’ NTR I guess…

  • Delphi Sombra

    This chapter is the finish like a her manga

  • ShibaTatsuya1263

    they made 2 alternate endings episodes 3 and 4. One is the bad ending(this one) from the manga and an another happy ending(probably cause they felt guilty for making us suffer) thats not from the manga

  • ShibaTatsuya1263

    but also in the manga there is a better ending than this one cause they like imply the blond guy’s death

  • ShibaTatsuya1263

    also kinda wish they just simply left this episode out cause it simply just reminded of all the bad things in the manga ;(

  • ShibaTatsuya1263

    They made 2 different endings episode 3 and 4

  • ShibaTatsuya1263

    OMG same feeling(even though i read the manga but thats not the point) and if i want one super power it would be the ability to travel into the virtual world and have control of it.Then i would just smite that bitch and that blond guy and bring them back and repeat that process while just showering me and hiro with women LOL

  • AlwaysGoFullAhegao

    I fuckin rage when I read / watch NTR, but then again it doesn’t stop me from not read / watch some of them due to my “curiosity”, and from my experience read some of them, this MC is the dumbest so far lol.

    I mean, from what I read, first, the last time the bitch and blonde guy fucking in the park with this dumb MC, that’s the moment she’s got impregnated, but then fast-forward 5 months later, she says it’s too late to be aborted while I think she has like at least 3 months interval between that time in the park and when the time fast-forwarded, the MC is also kind of let her keep that fuckin blonde guy baby and after the baby’s born, he decided to raise the child.

    Second, we know he loves her so much even madly, but instead of fuck her all night everyday to try make her forget the blond and make her feel less guilt, he just casually invites his friends and let them fuck her, while he’s watching and masturbating, thus make her feels more guilt, the fuck ?

    The fact that blond guy’s death isn’t even shown on-screen doesn’t make this NTR any better either.

    Fuck this 🙁

  • ShibaTatsuya1263

    ikr its bullshit but how this one ntr hentai is making us rage just to go and show how good the artist is but hes just working with the wrong material(the ntr)

  • AlwaysGoFullAhegao

    Well, I’ve watched much worse NTR than this, but the fact that this MC act like the way he did, I’m better off with ending like MC got abandoned by his girl and went with the bastard, etc, this way we’ll know the MC will find another girl and the slut will stay a bitch forever.

    Oh, and I think the author is infamous with his NTR works, so it’s not unusual to see an NTR like this from him hahaha, but his recent works, I think it’s called after school, it’s a great one, you should check it out.