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Boku to Misaki-sensei Episode 1 English hentai

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  • ThatGuy

    Why do they always have to make it so unattractively big and chubby these days?

  • BigBoss

    Tsk tsk tsk, Nobita got eaten

  • Jonathan Duett

    Because no one in their right mind faps to skeletons.

  • Dylan Smith

    Same people who did Maken-ki?

  • the person who did maken ki is also the one who did this :3

  • eugenio juluis malasaga

    Oh Shit! I fucking knew it. The Similarities are uncanny lol

  • Doge

    Where’s the subbed version?

  • Trần Bảo Thành

    The heroine is good but too bad its shota T_T

  • This is my swamp ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    And that is why it is called a boner

  • Long Kem Trune

    because everyone in america is a diabetic little cunt

  • ผู้หญิงชอบผู้ชาย ติ้ง ต๊อง

    I wanted chubby man fuck with loli girl^p^

  • Carbo_ElGatoFresco

    Why can’t this art company do one where the woman is a voluptuous she-dragon, and the male a regular guy cursed with an over-size tallywhacker?? You know, something close to Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Everyday Life with Monster girls)???
    This screwing a kid thing…is still a bit…disgusting; and unrealistic. Just means this hot babe is a real sicko-pedo.

  • that one guy

    am just showing mad respect for this kid right now

  • Whit3Tig3R

    She’s really hot, but daymn she could swallow that midget with her… vagina LUL

  • harshdark

    Because porn got tired of appealing to whiny little pricks who refer to women as “it”.

  • Adonya Colebrooke

    he so young, should of been a little older.

  • Kitty Tiddies

    the boy is what makes this hentai golden tbh. those facial expressions.

  • kk

    he really needed to be older i felt like a perv watching this lol

  • fool

    i am so happy for them…=::]

  • dunkboi

    not true at all, we’re arguably the best country on earth

  • dunkboi

    if you find thick girls un-attractive kill yourself go fuck some anorexic bitch

  • Fucking rah

    Only steers, queers, screws and Jews don’t find thick girls attractive.

  • rene silva

    I’ll describe myself a pervert any day of the week…. but this si soooooooooo wrong

  • dickblaster

    Lots of angry chubby chasers on here it looks like. Dry those tears, retards!

  • dickblaster

    Aww, the chubby chaser thinks liking fatass bitches ISN’T totally pathetic.

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    don’t be an angry little chubby chaser.

  • Ac3r0la

    really? Are they also they ones who did Kanokon cause holy hell sensei has the same face as the fox girl.

  • penispotato

    you sound fat

  • we’re all fat faggots

    We’re all on here watching perv shota
    You’re the cringe cancer even in this community

  • Fuckingwhat

    This is literally child pornography? I dont understand why they chose to animate the male lead as a FUCKING CHILD. How does this pass standards, but penises and vaginas have to be blurred out in japan.

  • Fuckingwhat

    And if you think the girl is legitimately FAT try again.

  • dickblaster

    Yeah. In the pants. Just ask your whore mom.

  • wingzero

    speak for urself dude